Top 5 things you are doing wrong with your website

  1. Not responsive and mobile-friendly

    If we told you that primary usage from midnight until 9:00 was on mobile, 9:00 to 17:00 was on a desktop and from 17:00 to midnight was on a tablet would you be surprised? Your website NEEDS to be able to render on all types of devices and all sizes.

  2. Hard for people to contact you

    Contact info should be on every page - if you want them to reach you, make sure it's easy to do. We mean REALLY easy.

  3. Slow loading images

    You have on average 8 seconds before people leave, make sure you use your time wisely - looking at a blank screen is not going to work.

  4. Too little fresh content

    You need content - original content - it is critical for the search engines to read what you do. Pictures are great, but in the world of search engines, they are not worth a thousand words.

    In addition, you need to update your website - search engines need to see that your site is current.

  5. Did you tell Google that you exist?

    The whole reason you have a website is to be found - yet so many of our clients come to us without having done these steps.

    Submit your site to search engines.

    Have a sitemap.

So many clients tell us that they can build their own website, and with the current tools, you probably can. Where you will have a problem will be in creating a website that passes speed test, has the proper meta, uses the right titles, and a 100 other little things that will make your website perform better, and ultimately generate better results for your business.

We often use the analogy that even though we are capable of changing the oil in our cars, we don't. We bring it to the professionals.
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