How and why you need a website

How It Works

When we speak to small business and ask them why they don’t have a website, we get some version of the following two answers - always.

Answer #1 - We don’t need a website - we have lots of clients/sales

Let me use the example of a kitchen renovation company.
The company has been doing business for 75 years, has lots of clients and work.

What we might say to this client is;

  1. Every single referral goes to look for your website before or after they call you. You NEED to be there.
  2. If you can only take 100 jobs a year, you need to be booking the 40k kitchen renovations and not the 10k kitchen renovation. More leads means you get to pick the better jobs to fill your schedule with.

Answer #2 - We are way too busy to take on a website project.

This is an easy one for us to understand as we are a small business as well, The good news is we got you covered. Our team is deep, we can write content, translate, and create a website with you. Want to do more, we have that as well - Google Ads , Social media campaign managers bring it on!

Let us be very clear here, your customers expect you to have a website.

What are the steps to create a website?

  • Call us / email us click on the free consultation
  • We listen to what you need.
  • We schedule any additional resources (copywriter, translation, graphic artist ect)
  • We send you a rough draft of the website for you to review
  • We schedule a phone call to discuss the draft and the modifications you would like
  • We create your intelligent business phone system
  • We create professional emails addresses
  • Your website goes live
  • We submit your site to search engines, including the sitemap.
  • We create a Google my Business account for you
  • We wait 4-6 weeks to see how your site is doing - we make modifications if required.
  • You let us know when you are ready to add on - social media campaigns or Google advertising ? Maybe you need to add some functionality like online scheduling system, We are ready when you are