Perpetual Solution Earns First Reviews on Clutch

Here at Perpetual Solution, we take pride in finding amazing web design solutions for your small business. Since 2007, Perpetual Solution has offered great services to businesses across Canada. We’re proud to announce that we’ve earned our first three reviews on Clutch, a leading B2B ratings and reviews agency!

We know that web design and development are some of the most important aspects of digital marketing in the 21st century. Our team uses the best technologies to erase the hassle of managing a website yourself. We also try to make the process very quick, as we know you don’t have neither the time nor the energy for a drawn-out development process.

Thanks to these measures, we’ve received our first five-star reviews on Clutch! Based in Washington DC, Clutch utilizes verified client feedback to build shortlists of top B2B companies. Clutch’s platform, combined with their sister site The Manifest, helps people connect with vendors and buyers through B2B industry data and research.

In a recent review featured on Clutch, we provided SEO-focused web design for a consulting firm. We redesigned a website, increased SEO efforts, and improved traffic. After we completed the project, we received positive feedback for our exceptional project management skills and cognizance of the budget.

Five Star Review Web Design

“Everything has been really positive and our internal team is happy with their work…They’re exceptional. When I have any questions or issues, Geneviève addresses them directly and doesn’t pass them off to someone else. She’s really responsive and open to whatever I need. I never feel like I’ve been lost in the process.” — Director of Operations, Boutique Consulting Firm

In another review, we supplied web design, SEO, and PPC for a nonprofit summer camp. Our team updated and modernized the solution by integrating a new registration system. Once again, we were praised for our timeliness, quality deliverables, and project management.

“They’re always timely and responsive in delivering work. They’re really organized, so they keep us on track and on our timeline. Even though we don’t use tools as much as they do, their team works to make sure we’re always moving with them. We use Slack to communicate.” — Shauna Joyce, Executive Director of Camp Amy Molson

We’d like to thank our customers for leaving us these kind words.